we demand

No More Evictions

Eviction is murder. With the lack of consistent aid from the government plus rising COVID rates, people MUST remain housed to quarantine.

Rent Suspension and Forgiveness

Working class people are struggling to make ends meet and retain housing. It is essential that the debts we owe to rich landlords are forgiven. Landlords must work with all tenants to keep us housed whatever the situation.

Mutual Aid

Solidarity over Charity. We believe in working together to assert our rights and support each other’s battles.

On Demand Maintenance & Safe Living Conditions

No renter should have to deal with any delays related to major repairs that the landlord is responsible for. Any repair delays can be reported to local code enforcement involvement without retaliation from landlords.


Renters deserve the same respect as the homeowners of Bucks County. We are community members too. Housing is a human right. Renters have rights.